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Mens bifold card wallet

Mens bifold card wallet

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The men's bifold card wallet is for the person who doesn't use very much cash anymore but still wants to be able to carry a lot of cards with them while still being able to carry cash if they need it

This bifold wallet has 4 card slots each can hold about 2-3 cards. It also has 2 hidden slots under the card banks for folded bills or receipts.

Made in Montana these wallets are made by hand in our small shop. 

Every product you buy from Ladson Leather has a lifetime quality guarantee. If your wallet has any defect or gets worn out for any reason we will replace it for free we just ask that you pay postage.


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Care Instructions

Ladson Leather products are made from a natural material. Therefore they may darken over time. They also may start to dry out. When your product starts to feel a little less supple or starts to feel dry, you should apply a small amount of leather conditioner. Leather conditioner may darken the leather a little bit but that is ok. 

Leather may also start to change colors or it could get scratches on it. Depending on the leather you may be able to just rub the scratch out using a little bit of friction and heat. You can use a cloth wrapped on your finger and rub the leather and the scratch may come out, again it depends on the leather. 

Leather will patina over time and that is a good thing it will make your product uniquely yours.

Your product will also start to soften over time, it may stretch a little bit as well. Those are all things that are okay.

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Made in Montana

We make all of our products here in Montana. We want to provide the best handmade leather goods in Montana as possible.

  • Free Shipping anywhere in Montana

    We provide free shipping anywhere in Montana

  • Life-time Warranty

    We provide a Life-time Warranty for all of our products.

    We will repair any and all of our products for free, we just ask you pay shipping to and from us.

    We do not accept returns on any of our products. We do not accept exchanges or trades.