Ladson Leather products are made from a natural material. Therefore they may darken over time. They also may start to dry out. When your product starts to feel a little less supple or starts to feel dry, you should apply a small amount of leather conditioner. Leather conditioner may darken the leather a little bit but that is ok. 

Leather may also start to change colors or it could get scratches on it. Depending on the leather you may be able to just rub the scratch out using a little bit of friction and heat. You can use a cloth wrapped on your finger and rub the leather and the scratch may come out, again it depends on the leather. 

Leather will patina over time and that is a good thing it will make your product uniquely yours.

Your product will also start to soften over time, it may stretch a little bit as well. Those are all things that are okay.

About Ladson Leather

Ladson Leather was started and still continues in my spare room in my apartment in the great state of Montana. I started out making accessories for Dungeons and Dragons, and I quickly expanded to making more luxury goods such as wallets and purses.

I eventually went back to my roots making things for a local renaissance festival. I still make those luxury goods but I do not want to choose one over the other, because this business is about doing what I love, not what I have to do.

I have now realized if I want to make this hobby into a business I need to start pouring all of my time into this full time. I am loving it and I would not trade it for the world.

Ladson leather will always strive to make things for every occasion whether you are going out on the town or you are going back in time to the renaissance faire.

Ladson Leather only has one employee and that probably will not change for a long time. Maybe someday we will hire another dedicated maker to help out but for now it is just me through and through.

Ladson Leather regularly attends craft shows across Montana and Wyoming during the summer months. During the winter months (which is the majority of the year up here) we keep busy building back up stock for the next years fairs.